Lamborghini Sets New Production Record for 2003


(26 Jan 04)

Lamborghini absolutely obliterated its own production record in 2003 by building 1305 cars, or about 300 more than it expected to.

This was due entirely to the launch of the new Gallardo model, which would have been responsible for a new record even if Lamborghini had built nothing else. 890 were made, compared with the company's busiest year back in 1991 when it sent a total of 672 units out of the factory.

The Gallardo practically amounts to a mass-production Lamborghini. The other car in the range, the Murcielago, accouted for a much more modest 415 units. That figure is expected to drop to around 400 in 2003, even with the introduction of the open-topped Murcielago Barchetta, which will be displayed at the Geneva Show in March and will probably account for around half the model's sales from then on.

A roadster version of the Gallardo should be on sale by early 2006. Before the end of the decade Lamborghini hopes to have annual production running at an unprecedented 3000 units, an increase over the 1991 figure which can't be unconnected with the company having been brought into the Volkswagen Group.

(Source: Automotive News Europe)


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