The first Lamborghini Club in the U.S. was started in December 1975, in Beverly Hills, California.  The Club then was resurrected in 1978 by Don Tognotti, with the first Club magazine being produced in 1978. The Club was passed on to Al Burtoni of Milano Imports in Gilroy, California, in 1984.  The Club was acquired by Jim and Joan Heady;  the name was changed to Lamborghini Club America at the Lamborghini 25th Anniversary party in 1989;  Magazine issue #34 was the first issue with the new Club name.   In 2011 Jim Heady retired as President and appointed Andrew Romanowski as the new club President.


The Club was founded so owners would have someone to talk to about technical problems, parts availability or simply the joy of the automobile. Our membership is open to Lambo owners and enthusiasts worldwide;  its members come from all parts of the world. The Club has grown into the world’s largest Lamborghini club and the only factory authorized club in the U.S.A.


The Lamborghini Club America Magazine includes a comprehensive review of what is happening in the Lamborghini world, including tech tips, current events at the factory, Lamborghini history, as well as information about the various meets held by our members throughout the U.S. Technical information and automotive magazine reports on new Lamborghini products are also included.  These publications are among the finest of all the exotic automobile club magazines.


The Club gives a series of events throughout the year with a National Meet given (usually) the third weekend  in August in Monterey, California.  In addition to the Club’s functions, the weekend includes Concorso Italiano, Laguna Seca Historic Races, and the Pebble Beach Coucours d’Elegance with several exclusive auto auctions taking place.  In recent years, there has been the spectacular Running of the Bulls to the National Meet.


The Club has a Southern California Director, Jim Fox, ably supported by Al Miller in Los Angeles and by Jack Riddell in the San Diego area.  The Southern California coordinators gives a series of great events throughout the year:  the annual San Diego Weekend Meet in the Fall, the Temecula Wine Weekend Meet and the ever popular L.A. Lunch Bunch get togethers.  Periodically we have the Napa (California) Wine Weekend, started in 1981, that gives members a chance to drive in a beautiful valley, sample some of the finest food in America, and taste the best California wines. On the West Coast, Club members celebrate the Holiday Season each year with a black tie party at one of our members beautiful homes;  we have been holding this party for more than 20 years.


The Club’s East Coast region is directed by Richard Solomon of New York.  Richard is ably supported by Patrick Rolling and Edward Manache.  Richard puts on a series of interesting meets in the spring and fall, giving Lamborghini drivers the opportunity to bring out their cars and to enjoy the company of other Lamborghini enthusiasts.


The Club is an active participant in the Poconos events in Pennsylvania;  Valentino Balboni, the well-known  Lamborghini test driver, often comes over from Italy to show the qualities of Lamborghini on the Pocono’s track.


Visit our newest site for the latest news from the factory and Club events and meets throughout the United States. This site was one of the very first Lamborghini web sites and is one of the most visited Lamborghini sites on the web.   It contains a massive archive of past event pictures and information plus news and upcoming West Coast event information.


For our Calendar of Lamborghini club events worldwide click here.  Bob Haroutunian is responsible for gathering information about Lamborghini events throughout the world and compiling and disseminating the Calendar.  Lamborghini Club America members are always welcome at these  events worldwide.  Bob is also the Club’s international representative for the factory meetings and international events.


Lamborghini owners are known for their enjoyment of good wine, fine food, quality functions and a friendliness that is unmatched in the automotive world.  The Club is open to all owners and enthusiasts.  Annual dues are $90 for USA and Canada and $115 elsewhere.


For information please contact:


Andrew Romanowski, President and Publisher

P.O.BOX 701963

Plymouth, MI 48170