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For the first time in over a decade, Italian sports car manufacturer Lamborghini now offers a second model line for 2003. The completely new Lamborghini model, named Gallardo (pron.: ga:yŕrdo), was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2003.

The new Lamborghini takes its name from a famous fighting bull breed, selected since the 18th century by bull breeder Francisco Gallardo and then incorporated by Don Antonio Miura.

Fierce, robust – black or grey – the Gallardo bulls were renowned for their courage and also for their power and aggressiveness until the so-called last “third” of the Corrida.

The new Lamborghini Gallardo is a mid-engine four-wheel drive sports car in true Lamborghini tradition, powered by an all-new V10 cylinder Lamborghini engine with 5 litres of displacement and a stunning 500 hp. Figures that will guarantee an outstanding performance.

Power transmission is through a 6-speed gearbox with a traditional gear shift lever or a new sequential “e□gear” with shift paddles at the steering-wheel

Here are some pictures from Lamborghini's official press CD's. You can also download the Adobe format of the Gallardo Press Release with 12 pages of information and technical data on this great new offering. Click  Gallardo Press Release to download it. If you need the free Adobe reader then click Adobe to download that. Click on a picture below to see the larger image.  You may also download the Options List and Technical Specifications also in Adobe format. Enjoy!


Gallardo Rear View Gallardo Overhead View Gallardo Overhead 2
Front Side Rear Side Wheel View
Gallardo Interior Interior Gallardo Engine
Assembly Line Assembly line
Concept Concept
Concept Concept Concept
Shifter Drive
Motor Motor Power Curve  Chart
Concept Drawings Concept Drawings Concept Drawings
Gallardo Factory Pictures & Press Release Concept Drawings Gallardo Factory Pictures & Press Release
Concept Drawings Concept Concept Drawings
Concept Drawings



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