Luc Donckerwolke Leaving


Luc Donckerwolke,head of Design at Automobili Lamborghini, is leaving Lamborghini in September. Mr Donckerwolke is responsible
for the design of all current Lamborghini models - the Murcilago, Murcilago roadster and the Gallardo. He will be appointed Director of Design at the Spanish company SEAT. Mr Donckerwolke will still, however, be attending the Monterey Meet.

Walter de'Silva, the head of the Audi brand group design, will assume responsibility for Lamborghini Design until a successor for Mr Donckerwolke has been appointed. There is an interesting article on Walter de'Silva in the July 2005 Architectural Digest "Motoring Life" section.

Ehren Bragg, Automobili Lamborghnini's Area Manager for North America, is leaving after the Monterey Meet. We enjoyed working with him over the last years on such events as the Giros (a.k.a. the Running of the Bulls). We wish him well. His replacement is Pietro Frigerio.

Dominic H. Hoberg has been named Director of Corporate Image for Automobili Lamborghini; his responsibilities include Communications and Merchandising. Mr. Hoberg will be attending the Monterey Meet.

Giorgio Gamberini, Director of After Sales and the Automobili Lamborghini Registro, has left Lamborghini.


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